In The Kitchen... Creamed Paua with Rachel Taulelei

Kia Ora Whanau

At Healthy Hospo NZ we’ve been trying to think of some ways to keep you healthy in your bubble (and outside, for those of you lucky enough to be in level 2!) We teamed up with our buddies from Campari NZ and thought why not talk to some of our awesome hospitality personalities around NZ and share some of their favourite recipes.

Each week we will feature someone new, publish their favourite recipe, ask them a little about themselves and why they chose this particular recipe.


This week, we’d like to introduce you to Rachel Taulelei.

Rachel is a long time food enthusiast, kaimoana die hard and advocate for sustainability in the food and beverage sector.

Her commitment to kaitiakitanga has been evident throughout her career, as founder of seafood company Yellow Brick Road in 2006, to her time as CEO of Māori-owned food and beverage company Kono, and now in her current role as co-founder of business design and brand strategy firm, Oho.

She has spent decades elevating the stories of our chefs, artisans, fishermen and farmers both here and around the world. Sharing the fact that we’re a world class producer of food and beverages, with provenance and manaakitanga.

Rachel: "While I love cooking, I love eating more. And 99% of the time it’s not about what’s on the plate, but more so who you are with – the aroha, the manaaki, the experience of coming together. That’s the memory….the magic of kai."

To follow Rachel on Instagram, check out @rachel_taulelei


Creamed Paua


• 50 grams butter

• 1 onion finely sliced

• 3 Paua finely sliced (note minced will go a little further if you’re catering for numbers)

• Water (around 1 Cup)

• Cream (around 1 Cup)

• 2 tbs Cornflour


Gently fry onion in butter. Add paua and cook for a couple of minutes. Just cover with water, leave to simmer for 8-10mins. Add as much cream as you wish and bring to a simmer.

Dilute cornflour with water and add to paua – thicken to desired consistency.

If you end up giving this recipe a go, we'd love to know!

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